Mindset 101: The Defender

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Third Part Protection

Your training sessions will be your first step in personal development and real-world conflict readiness Both scenarios require a certain type of mindset to be successful.

When talking about defence, it shouldn’t necessarily be seen as passive. The word may promote that idea but preemptive strikes are part and parcel of the game, turning up your aggression and drive to survive takes will and focus. The common maxim “a good defence is a good offence” rings true when talking about real life scenarios and Krav Maga training at Saint Fury.


When presented with a technique, you should always be thinking; how you got to this point, what has happened beforehand, when would I use this or even when would an attacker use this. Try and focus on real world environments familiar to you; your walk home from work, approaching your front door or a local establishment you frequent.