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We provide a a mixture of physical training and seminars for schools and universities that encourages critical thinking, positive engagement within the wider community and build resilient future leaders.


We aim to build a positive mindset through motivating, challenging activity while and complementing the curricula.

We see all our clients as partners and aim to establish that - a partnership where both sides are committed to promoting wellbeing.

• Krav Maga: Introductory sessions

• Safety Awareness Training

• Wellbeing 101: Data-driven workshops 

• Mental Health Awareness



• Mental and physical health awareness

• Year 6: Preparing for high school - Anxiety to Excitement

• Stress Management.

• Wellbeing: Good habits, goals, avoiding pitfalls

• Self-defence, anti-bullying, safety awareness

• Building a resilient mindset

• Motivation Coaching: Leadership & Community

 *FREE talks and STAFF intro sessions (see brochure)


 • Krav Maga: Introductory sessions

• Safety Awareness Training

• Students new to London

• Mental Health Awareness

• Stress Management (exam stress) 

• Resilience training

*FREE talks and STAFF intro sessions. CONTACT for more.


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