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We provide a a mixture of physical training and seminars for schools and universities that encourages critical thinking, positive engagement within the wider community and build resilient future leaders.

We work with THe Mental Health Foundation on their Becoming A Man programme, which is a mental well-being intervention adapted from the US that aims to support young men’s personal development by taking into account their lived experience and the often difficult environments they must navigate.


We aim to build a positive mindset through motivating, challenging activity while and complementing the curricula.

We see all our clients as partners and aim to establish that - a partnership where both sides are committed to promoting wellbeing.

• Krav Maga: Introductory sessions

• Safety Awareness Training

• Wellbeing 101: Data-driven workshops 

• Mental Health Awareness



• Mental and physical health awareness

• Year 6: Preparing for high school - Anxiety to Excitement

• Stress Management.

• Wellbeing: Good habits, goals, avoiding pitfalls

• Self-defence, anti-bullying, safety awareness

• Building a resilient mindset

• Motivation Coaching: Leadership & Community

 *FREE talks and STAFF intro sessions (see brochure)


 • Krav Maga: Introductory sessions

• Safety Awareness Training

• Students new to London

• Mental Health Awareness

• Stress Management (exam stress) 

• Resilience training

*FREE talks and STAFF intro sessions. CONTACT for more.


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