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Stress Management! International Stress Awareness Day

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

1. Be aware of your stress container, what’s important, what’s not, what you can change. Be bold, put stuff aside that you can. Face challenges and understand the benefits of some stress, resilience and overcoming the challenge... but physical and mental health comes first.

2. Exercise, just moving will do. Fancy more? Run. Even more? Group activity. DODGE THE COMFORT ZONE. Still more?! Krav Maga - designed for thinking and action under duress. Stress inoculation training! Amen.

3. Check diet. Don’t let it be another type of stress the what and what not you’re ’allowed’ to eat. Be wary what we consume can add or take away from our stress levels.

4. Zzzleep! Good habits and quality. Timing, no phones right before bed etc.

5. Meditate. Can take various forms, down time, reading, DIGITAL DETOX, processing thoughts, thinking on positives - things you’re grateful for, reflection.

6. Laugh and smile, take things in your stride. Yes, easier said than done... especially when crammed on the Central Line at 8am!

7. Reach out, speak, talk, don't bottle things up. Share a story, a positive experience.

8. Future! Have something to look forward to. May not be the luxury trip to the Maldives but even small stuff counts.

The list goes on. Try ONE. Make a habit. Keep it going. Try OTHERS. See how far you get. Any other suggestions?

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