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Mindset 101: The Attacker

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Utilising Krav Maga principles isn’t solely about what you’re going to do, it’s about understanding what the attacker is going to do. Being attacked is relatively uncommon when frequency of occurrence is compared to population. But it happens. The reality of violence is one that must be expected on an everyday civilian level and also when training Krav Maga for self- defence purposes. This article outlines some basic points to remember when applying Krav Maga self-defence training to everyday situations keeping in mind potential attackers’ mindsets.

Selection and success If we take examples of street violence (like being set upon for robbery or physical harm) you have already been selected. Yes, you are the chosen one. This could be for a number of reasons; physical size advantage, easily attainable objects (phone in hand, bag open) or environmental reasons (dark road, easy escape routes). In these examples the attacker has made a calculated decision to target you with the goal that they will be successful. They aren’t making the decision with failure in mind. Weapons If the attacker is carrying a weapon, this is a choice that has been made to carry and therefore to use. If a weapon is used as a threat or for harm, that path regresses all the way back to that morning. Imagine a split-screen. You on one side, the attacker on the other. Waking up. Eating breakfast. But as you pack your handbag or rucksack they put a knife in their pocket. As you don’t want to lose anything in your bag and will use the items, so does the attacker. Intent As an example, during a robbery if a wallet, purse or phone is requested it’s not worth bringing yourself to harm. Hand the item over. This shouldn’t be seen as defeat but success. Yeah it sucks, and you won’t be able to post a selfie online but giving it up could deescalate the situation and end it. The key word here is could. If the scenario dictates that action must be taken, then it must be taken swiftly and aggressively. It takes a high level of operational functionality under this kind of stress to respond effectively but this is your training goal with Saint Fury. Use their intent to your advantage before taking action. Subterfuge i.e. sneakiness and tactics are your allies. If a request has been made such as “give me your money”, drop the bag to the ground, throw it as a common object assess the situation as much as possible to gauge how to deploy your response while keeping yourself safe. Can you run? Are there escape routes or locations? Can you effectively strike a vulnerable area, possibly multiple times to defend yourself using reasonable force? All these questions, all this stress, all in a matter of seconds while your heart is beating at an elevated rate. Retention Once you start practising with the Saint Fury team, you will learn about weapon usage, defences, control and disarms. Taking this into consideration, this attacker who has carried the aforesaid weapon throughout the day wants to keep hold of it! They are focussed on it, that’s why principles applied to weapon threats are applicable – their focus is on the weapon. Couple this with an intent to acquire something that belongs to you, the fact you’ve been selected, it’s assumed that you will be compliant and they successful – then it makes sense their focus would be elsewhere and not on the defender stopping the threat and escaping the situation. *** The above points are outlines for consideration in a few examples. Training with the Saint Fury team you will learn about personal safety, avoiding ego and bravado and deescalating situations where possible. If you can get out - get out. If reasonable force is required then apply your training with conviction and guile.

Saint Fury is based out of Hackney and operates across the Greater London area.

Krav Maga self defence, kickboxing, fitness and mental health coaching for the individual or company are offered.

We pride ourselves on bespoke, holistic training that fortifies the mind and body, relieves stress promotes fun, safe and engaging activity.

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